About Us

Kae Edward Plumbing is your family owned and operated plumbing professionals, serving homes across Fort Bend County. Our family started Kae Edward Plumbing to help you and your neighbors by providing honest pricing and reliable plumbing repairs.

Jacqueline and I, Ron Maeder, married in 1995. I was already serving in the Army for 2 years at the time and served for another 5 years before entering into the plumbing field in 2001. We have 11 wonderful children and always dreamed of owning a business one day. Then, when the opportunity presented itself, we started Kae Edward Plumbing.


I have worked for other reputable plumbing service companies in the greater Houston, Texas area and gained a lot of knowledge and experience. If it were not for those plumbing companies that gave me the opportunity to work for them as well as the many professional plumbers that helped mentor me, I would not be able to run this company to the standard it is today.


Starting with the phone call through to the completion of the job, Jacqueline is committed to providing excellent customer care to ensure all of our customers are understood and that their needs have been taken care off properly.  With over 17 years in the plumbing field, I now enjoy the privilege of being able to pass onto my children my appreciation for good work ethics, a valuable trade skill and the commitment to quality customer service.

Jacqueline and I look forward to helping you and it is our intent to ensure that you are taken care of properly because you are the reason we are in business today. And as for the company name, it is our middle names put together.